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Tighten your belts. It’s Inter-Uni season again! While the heat of the ongoing games mesmerizes the hearts of the current undergraduates, the roots of Inter-Uni Games run back to the late 1950’s. It all runs back to the time when the first university of Sri Lanka was established. In 1942, the University of Ceylon was established at the beautiful grounds of Peradeniya. The former director of physical education of University of Ceylon, who was appointed in 1959 conceived the idea of inaugurating a series of sports competitions between universities, with an aim of fostering a closer relationship among students.

The idea of an inter-university sports championship took hold when the two newly formed universities of Vidyalankara and Vidyodaya added into the account. However, it was not until the inclusion of female students into universities that the women’s events combined into the Championship. Inter-Uni Games evolved as such and created the foundation for SLUG - the university olympics. Since then, undergraduates among universities have competed yearly with their numbers increasing each year and talents improving beyond numbers.

Today, Inter-Uni Games brings on the battle between the fifteen universities currently in the country, competing in 36 different sports events held around the country. Sportsman from all universities bring back their aim of succeeding in each step they take and fostering relationships between universities.

With a bit of the history in mind join with us for Inter-Uni Games this season. It’s where all undergraduates of the country join hands every year. Witness the spirit of sports and feel the warmth from all around the country.


Article by: Tharika Kahandawaarachchi

Edited by: Yumna Albar

Sponsored by- Millennium IT

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