Colombo kicks off Inter-Uni Rugby in a dominating style

They say that Rugby is a hooligans’ game played by gentlemen. The match between University of Colombo and Eastern University showed the crowd that gentlemen can surpass the adversity of hooligans. It was a rainy day with clouds covering the sky above Peradeniya rugby turf when Colombo and Eastern Universities faced against each other to kick start their inter-uni season.

In the first half crowd witnessed a breathtaking rugby filled with aggression, enthusiasm and adversity. Eastern captain kicked off to the referee’s whistle at 4.14 pm letting the first half in action. From the kick off itself Colombo Prop scored an easy try with few phases combining both forwards and backs. From there onwards it was an easy sailing for Colombo who exploited drawbacks of Easterns defensive line and used their weight advantage to overpower the Eastern side. Lads from East suffered throughout the game as the University of Colombo dominated all aspects of the game.

At the stroke of half time score was UOC- 59:EST-0 with Colombo scoring 7 converted tries and 2 unconverted tries. Eastern inside centre was yellow carded for a high tackle. First half of the match was highlighted by the Colombo’s No 8; a one man 40m try with sidestepping and shoving the opposition. Eastern offered too many penalties in their own half. Colombo dominated the first half in terms of both territory and possession with scintillating rugby.

Eastern gave a better fight in the second half with an organized defensive line and an improved tackling. Colombo couldn’t capitalize few opportunities in the opposite territory due to Eastern’s defense. Colombo scored 2 converted tries and an unconverted try. After the final whistle scoreboard indicated UOC-76: EST-0, Colombo being the dominant victor.

Overall Eastern paid the penalty for the unorganized defensive line, failure to cover gaps and letting players through wide channels. Spectators witnessed an exciting game of rugby and Colombo lads showed the crowd that they are a force to be reckoned with in the series.

Article by : Hashini Madushika

Edited by : Imthadh Ahamed


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