Inter University swimming champs over verdant aquatic !

If you have a lane you will have a chance to be a swimming champ. Since we are fenced by one of the gorgeous oceans, our country is well known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. Accordingly water is not a hurdle for our young fellows. So when they were in the water their only enemy is clock. It can be undoubtedly seen in the swimming competitions of inter university games held at University of Jayawardanapura premises today (15th of July 2017). First day swimming playoffs were held there throughout the day with full of excitement and bliss with the participation of talented university mermaids and mermen with their weapon of strongest body and element of water.

The waves on the pool of J’pura university premises were shining in the present day because of the dawn of victory. The supremacy of entire body, self-reliance and encouraging were the facts taken the competitors to the victory in competitions in the present day. All of them spring in to the swimming pool from the blocks for the victory. There was nothing more than like taking the victory to upsurge the proud of everyone’s university name. No one was given up their attempt in the water since start position. There won’t be no half times, no substitutions, no timeouts, and they only got one shot for their goal. After spending few exhausting seconds in the pool all were got blithe.

Bluish water of J’pura swimming pool was firstly churned early in the morning by men 400m free style event. The winner of men 400m Freestyle event was Y.S.D.S.Rajarathne from University of Colombo, had virtuous carry out on his belly while alternating arms and using flutter kick to make the spectators astonish. As this event means any style, competitors faced to the race as they were comfortable. By breaking other competitors all dreams, he won the game while D.A.Mahawatta from University of Kelaniya and K.M.K.Veranga from University of J’pura got 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

W.K.S.Wickramaarachchi from University of Ruhuna has broken the surface of the water throughout the men 200m free style race very strongly and was able to be the winner of that. By giving a tit for tat competition S.J.Dias from university of Colombo won the second place while Y.S.D.S.Rajarathna from same university chased for the next place.

Not only guys shaken up the water for victory today, but also strong ladies too. Body position in the water is the most important component for swimming efficiency. M.M.S.B.K.E.Dissanayake from University Moratuwa reached to her goal as 200m Women freestyle champ because, her neck and upper back muscles were relaxed. Her body was parallel to the bottom of the pool. So she had a comfortable position to finish her game as the winner. Meanwhile A.A.G.A.Perera from SJP and N.A.M.R.Nisanka from KEL got other two places by giving a good competition.

When the ice caps melt, swimmers will rule the world. Here it depends on how much you performed lying on your back. Nobody wanted to breathe first, because if they breathe first they would miss the chance of victory. Here we were able to see a moral antagonism among all the competitors. There was more water but less time. So in women 100m backstroke event, N.H.Ellawala a one of the talented product of university of SJP had good energy to downfall other swimmers by using her techniques well, to be the winner of that episode.

By keeping high elbow to encouraging the balance and body roll D.M.H.Dissanayaka from University of Peradeniya has become the winner of Women 100m breaststroke event. Water was not a challenge for her. From the method of entering to the water she keeps her energy well to the last point.

D.A.Mahawatte from University of Kelaniya was able to be the winner of men’s 200m butterfly stroke event. He admitted to the wide circular motion of this game from the beginning. He placed his head up and down in the water at exact time. He had strength enough to pull and draw back water in the correct circular motion and put the University of Kelaniya in first place at this event.

In the pool, life is cool and there will be only swimmers rules. The earth is 75% water but only you need one lane to beat others and take the championship to your home. No matter that you do not come from the sea. But your soul should live in the water to see the path of your success. By delighting the today’s event Tareesh Edussuriya form University of Kelaniya was able to establish new records in both men’s 100m and 200m breaststroke events, intermittently S.U.Sanders from SJP got one place behind him in 100m event after giving a good competition.

Although butterfly stroke is one of the most difficult stroke, by using exact technique, strength and rhythm H.M.R.L.B.Herath from University of Moratuwa be the winner of Men 50m butterfly stroke event.. He was done it perfectly because it seems to be he had good practice for it. His arm moments were three parts like pull, push and recovery. All of these movements he did very nicely. Many times he kept his elbows higher than his hands. And also distance between his arms as he entered the water is no greater than shoulder width. Hence he was able to cut through the water very efficiently.

If you are a combination of swimming techniques you can be an all-rounder by winning Medley. Here the competitors should have ability to swim all four strokes at one time. This is not an easy task when you change your swimming style to another. However our champs finished this task very well today. N.H.Ellawala from University of SJP got leads from the beginning of the women 200m individual medley event and be the winner at last. She used correct techniques to transition from one stroke to another. By that she could reduce the rotational moments and allows for a faster turn. Other participants gave good competition to her too.

Victory will be getting doubled when we take it as a group. Men’s 4*100m free relay was won by University of Colombo from their strongest team spirit shown at the moment. University of J’pura won the second place and University of Kelaniya won third place in the event.

J’pura pool arena was filled with full of competitive voices throughout the day and got its usual calm environment right now again. All the good wishes are not fulfilled yet completely. MoraSpirit crew wish good luck for all the winners on today for the coming up swimming battle tomorrow. Think as you are a part of water and overthrow every burn outs you get. Make the water as your comfortable place. And be the Champs of Swimming.

Article by : Kasuni Harshika
Sponsored by : Millennium IT

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