J’pura University launched supremacy at Inter University swimming games 2017 !

Inter university swimming competitions were successfully over today (16th of July 2017) at University of J’pura swimming pool arena by crowning J’pura as overall champions once again with 169 total points. While they got women championship with 99 points, University of Colombo had added another 99 points to be the men champions. UOC and UOK got the 2nd and 3rd place in inclusive title fight.

Swimming, it does a good body and well thought-out as one of the fourth highest desired exercise methods. University of Kelaniya got the pride as swimming runners up in men category with 85 points and University of J’pura got the 3rd place by getting 70 points. Anyone can dance or sing but, everyone cannot swim and be the owners of the overall crown in the swimming championship at Inter University games like J’pura.

Not only youngsters, misses also contributed for a downright tit to tat competition to make their universities pride more. Consequently by getting 49 points University of Colombo grow into the runners up in women group when University of Kelaniya acquired the 3rd place with 7 points less than that.

Since today was the last day of swimming contests there was a blistering game within each squad. Everyone’s hearts were sunk in the water pool with full of hopes and expectations. H.M.R.L.B.Herath from University of Moratuwa extended and kicked downwards and upwards in the water with pointed toes at the event of Men 50m freestyle. This simple and efficient kicking technique showed the road of him success. And also as soon as his recovering arm enters the water, his other arm starts its propulsive phase, and so on. This took him to an easy victory as the conqueror.

W.K.S.Wickramaarachchi from University of Ruhuna floated his back in the water very well in men 50m backstroke event. His head was in a neutral position and toes were pointed. It is essential to keep the body flat like a plank. He was able to lay his body flat on the surface of the water as possible. So he got less resistance and he could swim faster then. And also he kept his hips close to the surface. That’s why he easily won this game with a new meet record. Madushanka from SAB and Lasantha from Kelaniya acquired 2nd and 3rd places in turn. Not only in this event, Wickramaarachchi became the winner of men 100m freestyle event also. S.J.Dias from UOC got 2nd place there.

With the performance sending shockwaves through the swimming world H.M.R.L.B.Herath from University of Moratuwa had become the winner of 50m men breaststroke event. There was no body to push him, he controlled the race to perfection and took the clock to new levels.

The super suit marks had seemed insurmountable but D.H.M.Dissanayake had gradually worn down the deficit as she became one of the premier sprinters in Inter University history. She was admitted to the wide circular motion of this game from the beginning. She placed her head up and down in the water at exact time. She had strength enough to pull and draw back water in the correct circular motion and put the University of Peradeniya in first place at the event of women 50m breaststroke.

You can have supplementary amusing and enjoy when tracking down a triumph by employed as a team. The team life force and self-reliance within each and every team participant was taken them to the goal of winner. No body let the victory to left them. Everyone subsidized in the same way to the accomplishment. This made the J’pura team to be the winners of women 4*100 medley relay and University of Kelaniya to be the winners of its men category. And also SJP was able to be the front-runner of 4*100m women free style relay. Throughout the tournament team spirit has revealed a great lesson for the whole world.

How good was started, turned, what kind of tactics were used in the beginning and in the end of the distance, how good was finishing technique, were the things that a good swimmer should have. Those potentials were very noticeably caught within the game of Individual Medley today. Knowing the best start times and speeds and comparing with them UOC player made the pool as a winning place in 200m individual medley men event.

Toady was a victorious day for the both competitors and spectators from the University of J’pura. Since that they had become the titleholders of swimming victors in Inter University games 2017. Awarding ceremony was held there with the presence of Director of physical education of J’pura and sports advisory board chairman of J’pura University. It was not an easy path to come here. Swimming is a special talent because every person cannot swim and be the winners. J’pura has displayed their endowment very well and prepared the pool as their comfortable place. MoraSpirit crew gives their all regards to all the winners of this tournament.

Article by : Kasuni Harshika
Sponsored by : Millennium IT

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