Pera Sweeps Wrestling Golds on Day-2

Many endowed wrestling players faced off during the Inter University Wrestling Championship that befell on 29th and 30th of September, 2017 at the Kelaniya university premises and numerous wrestling enthusiasts who went for the event came across several intense tussles towards the latter part of the day. University gymnasium was almost jam-packed and the wrestling lovers triggered the event as they shrieked and roared their lungs out. University of Peradeniya, the most decorated wrestling team in history returned handily to win the championship and their dominance of the past, made it seem as though no one could touch them in IUGs wrestling-2017.

The first day of IUWC was allocated to breakdown the players into corresponding weight categories and matches started on the 2nd day. Towards the end of the day players were decorated with medals under 8 weight categories. University of Peradeniya emerged the overall champions of IUWC while University of Wayamba came in second settling University of Sri Jayawardanepura at bronze.

During wrestling against A. K. S Perera in 86-97 Kg weight class, UOM player E.D.T.S Edirisooriya showed great defense. But from the moment UOM player hit the mat on this Sunday, it just did not seem like his day. UOM Player had to settle for second place while UOS player secured the gold medal for the category. SEA player W.T.A Sandaruwan and SAB player S.K.A.G. Ginaushan clenched 3rd and 4th places respectively, dashing the medal hopes of rest of the wrestlers.

UOW player E.M.R.P Bandara won a gold in 74-86 Kg weight category by upsetting the UOC Player L .S .C De Silva who finally seized the silver. UOM player I.D.S Iddamalgoda won the bronze medal to UOM Under the same weight category while D.K. Kasthuriarchchi of UOP came in 4th place.

N.G.T.S Wickramarathna of UOP won the gold in 70-74 Kg weight category while SJB player M.V.R.U.K.B. Ariyarathna, D.M.U.P Sanjeewa of UOW and L.R Chandima of UOK grabbed 2nd place, 3rd and 4th titles respectively.

N.V.M. Sampath thrived in bringing UOP another gold medal under the 97-125 Kg weight category and D.M.N Dissanayake added a silver medal under the same weight category to UOW. UOC player S.M.C.P clenched the bronze medal dragging the SAB player V.S Wewalwala to the 4th place.

SJP player K.R.M.I.L Rathnayake triumphed in 65-70 Kg weight category and dismayed K.G.S.K Gamage of the host team UOK and made him settle for silver. SAB player B.M.D.C Gunarathna clenched the 3rd place while UOW player K.A.T.D.L Kannangara came in the 4th place under same weight category.

UOP player N.Y.A Gunawardana defeated N.K.G.J Bandara of University of Sabaragamuwa in the men’s 61-65 Kg freestyle wrestling final by a good score to win gold in IUWC. K.H.A Nishantha of University of Kelaniya who played under the same weight category was forced to settle for bronze.

WAY player H.M.P.S Bandara who played under 57-61kg weight category upended SJP player H.K.R.P Moranawela to hand another inter university loss and knocked him out of gold medal contention. W.T.A Sandaruwan added a bronze medal to the SEA while S.K.A.G.Ginaushan secured 4th place.

Under 50-52 kg weight category UOP player K. Johees claimed the gold medal while S.N.M.M.P Nawarathne of WAY and S.C Jayasinghe of SAB came in 2nd and 3rd places pushing the SJP player D.J Jayawickrama to the 4th place.

 SJP player A.H.S Gunawardana who played under 52-57 Kg weight category came in the 1st place upsetting H.R.N Madumadawa of the host team UOK. I.G.U.S Jayarathna of WAY went on to beat his next opponent giving S.S.M.D. Mendis a shot at 4th place and finally settled at bronze.

UOP celebrated their mega win towards the latter part of the day at the of awarding ceremony.

Article By : Ingeetha Nimnavi

Edited By : Imthadh Ahamed

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