Wrestling champs ignite the spark of victory!

University of Peradeniya has proven that they are the stoutest among all the others by becoming the champions at Inter University wrestling games 2017 held at University of Kelaniya gymnasium on today(30th September) whereas Wayamba University of Sri Lanka becoming the runners up and University of Jayawardanapura acquired the third place.

After having successful completion of all the other games at Inter University season 2017, time came to show the capacities of strongest of the strongest people in every university with their utmost courage and expenses at the wrestling ring. In view of that energized individuals gathered round following with nine weight categories at University of Kelaniya today, to make arrogance their universities by screening their performances along with the days full of dedications and every drop of sweat on the way.

50-52 kg weight category

This is not an easy mission if you do not have plentiful power to stay at the ring up to the end. Your appearance may does not tell how much powerful you are. But if you are a wrestler you can show your potential at the ring to the whole world. It can be clearly seen today at the University of Kelaniya gymnasium. Those who are won today proved that without any uncertainty.

1st place- K.Jothees from Peradeniya
2nd place- S.N.M.M.P.Nawarathna from Wayamba
3rd place- S.C.Jayasinghe from Sabaragamuwa

52-57 kg weight category

By showing persistency during all the games 1st place was accomplished by A.H.L.S.Gunawardhana from University of Sri Jayawardanapura though H.R.N.Madumadawa from University of Kelaniya won the 2nd place at here. Actually they were not along at the ring during the game period. All of their colleagues and coaches were with them to the last moment of victory. It was not a doubt that both of their body and mind make fit to the game by them.

57-61 kg weight category

When the arena was filled with full of cheering voices 1st place was achieved under this category by H.M.P.S.Bandara from Wayamba university of Sri Lanka when H.K.R.P.Moranawila from SJP won the 2nd place. When they stepped into the ring they forgot all the sufferings on the way to be there. No matter how much hard it was, when they entered to the game their all energy has been gathered for a one thing. That was the reason for their victory.

61-65 kg weight category

Talent is not only depend on how much you have put on it but also on the guidance you may get at the last second before you step into the ring. With the lots of blessings and super vision N.Y.A.Gunawardana from University of Peradeniya became the winner while N.K.G.J.M.Bandara from Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka won second place and K.H.A.Nishantha won third place.

65-70 kg category

The day was underway with full of expectations and visions in each and every one mind. Wrestling is not for all, but for those who are dedicated for that. Points may gathered if you escape, take down, reversal and near fall well and at the end you will turn into a winner.

1st place- K.R.M.I.L.Rathnayaka from SJP
2nd place- K.G.S.K.Gamage from Kelaniya
3rd place- B.M.D.C.Gunarathna from Sabaragamuwa

70-74 kg weight category

The more they got fatigue, the more they have gained. All the wishes were gathered around a ring. Six minutes of time decided the winning moment. Since they were capable to put their opponents’ shoulders down they became the winner in the next moment.

1st place- N.G.T.S.Wickramarathna from Peradeniya
2nd place- M.V.R.U.K.B.Ariyarathna from SJP
3rd place- D.M.U.P.Sanjeewa from Wayamba

74-86 kg weight category

Clearly showing that pain is temporary but the pride is forever E.M.R.D.Bandara from Wayamba University of Sri Lanka became the winner of this group. Determination was the key to success of L.S.C.De Silva from University of Colombo. It was not easy to take down the opponent to the ground by controlling him. But those young people had adequate amount of strength for that.

86-97 kg weight category

When it comes to this category A.K.S.Perera from Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka won the first place. Second and third places were won by E.D.T.S.Edirisooriya from University of Moratuwa and H.M.K.D.Herath from SJP .Those people were not quit when they tired. They only got quit when their opponent became tired. Likewise A.K.S.Perera from SAB became the winner of this game.

Every drop of sweat witnessed for their victory. Where the energy and courage are there the wrestling is. All the youngsters were congregated for a one mission. Wrestling teaches us that nothing comes easy and we have to work for it. That can be clearly seen from games under all of these categories. MoraSpirit crew give their heartiest wishes to all the participants of the game today.

The journey of Inter university games is over from today with this. Today the winners were born according to the way they have performed. This is not the end and more to go. Stay tuned with MoraSpirit to get the latest news at your arm’s length.

Article by: Kasuni Harshika
Sponsored by: Millennium IT

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