Lady Sharks

lady sharks

Lady Sharks

MoraSpirit, as an organization based in the University of Moratuwa, has seen the lack of contribution of the female undergraduates in the university to sports. A trend which hasn’t seen considerable progress over the years. While the university’s men’s sports often outperforms most of the universities in overall sports, women’s sports underperforms showcasing a huge gap between the levels of men’s and women’s sports within the university. Though the effect is partly due to the low proportion of female undergraduates in the university, the main reason has been the lack of participation and performance of the majority in sports.

MoraSpirit, as an organization devoted for creating a sports culture that celebrates both sportsmen and sportswomen equally, launches the project “Lady Sharks” in an attempt to draw the female crowd of the university to sports in considerable numbers.

In the project Lady Sharks, we seek to eliminate any borders that keep the ladies of the University of Moratuwa out of sports and out of giving their best for sports. Mentally preparing them to ride against the norm in the university is another important goal of the project. To achieve these goals, MoraSpirit intends to launch a counseling service to let them discuss their problems and find solutions with the assistance of experts.

Giving a practical opportunity to showcase their talents in an encouraging environment, MoraSpirit expects to begin a sports festival just for the girls to participate and express their potential to a wider audience. It will create a culture of women’s sports inside the university by involving both the participants and spectators that recognize and appreciate their efforts.

The project aims to generate a passion for sports among the female undergraduates while showing them that sports are very much in their reach. And we hope to eliminate the stark difference that is currently existing between the men’s and women’s sports in the university step by step over the years.

Lady Sharks looks forward to making a difference in the women’s sports culture within the University of Moratuwa to the extent that inspires other universities to follow the suit and integrate women into sports more and more every passing year. We intend to pioneer the creation of a rather inclusive sports culture in the country by setting the first example in a university to carry the message out to society. Under the efforts of MoraSpirit, the future only looks brighter for aspiring sportswomen in academics.