MoraSpirit Sixes

moraspirit sixes

MoraSpirit Sixes

One of the keys factors in the back of a successful sports story is the bond and the spirit its members shared in the toughest and most significant moments of their journey. But such a strong bond is not built in a day. It’s built on the back of dozens of memorable moments shared together with each other. When it comes to the university sports arena, these facts only become more relevant.

The “Team Mora” concept introduced by the University of Moratuwa as a strategy for an outstanding inter-university sports campaign focuses on nothing more than building this team bond not only within each sports team but among every sports team that represents the university in the IUC and SLUG campaigns.

Staying true to our mission as MoraSpirit, we initiated “MoraSpirit Sixes” as a step forward in the path of building the “Team Mora” to compete not as individuals but as a single team with a spirit and a bond that unite them together.

On the surface, “MoraSpirit Sixes” is a cricket tournament among the sports teams that would be representing the University of Moratuwa in the inter-university level. The teams gather to the university grounds and compete against each other in a day that prioritizes not winning but participating. The teams enjoy their encounter with other sports teams, joke around with each other, cheer for each other, and spend a day of cricket and joy.

But MoraSpirit Sixes is much more than just a cricket tournament, much more than a day to have some fun. MoraSpirit Sixes is an opportunity for the university sports teams to share some memories together, to get to know sportsmen and sportswomen from other teams and understand them. It’s a chance to see the passion for sports they have in common and bond with each other by using that passion as the foundation. MoraSpirit Sixes is a huge leap in the university’s efforts to build the “Team Mora” it dreams of.

Usually held in March, the event is one of the most important events on the MoraSpirit calendar. Our job as MoraSpirit is to prepare the best environment for the participants to achieve the event’s purpose. Starting from preparing cricket pitches, supplying facilities to ensuring every team’s participation is overseen by the MoraSpiriters.

Though a team is not built overnight, our effort over the years has helped to build the University of Moratuwa sports culture in which teams participate inter-university sports events, not as individuals, not even as individual teams, but as one unit consisted of every team.