News Operations & Event Coverage


News Operations & Event Coverage

No sports encounter would be complete without a proper coverage of the event. News operations and event coverage are two important elements of the MoraSpirit media uni. This is where the news pillar and editorial pillar come into place.

The news pillar is a team of multi skilled individuals. They do many things such as photography, updating the latest news on social media and interacting with other pillars as they are the ones who are the first to know almost everything.

The news operations pillar members are responsible for taking photographs and providing accurate information about the latest news happening from the playing arena. This news is then later used by the creative designers to come up with posters to be shared on all social media and also the editorial pillar who would be compiling all of them in order to write the match report at the end of the day.

Each news must be handled with the utmost responsibility as misinformation here would lead to many other errors such as wrong or misspelled names or even the wrong scores. Always checking by with the match officials to make sure what they record is correct before they are sent out to the relevant parties.

Every sportsman and sportswoman works tirelessly to achieve their goals. For most, it maybe the very first time their names appear on news articles. This is where the editorial comes into place. Their article writing skills and knowledge about the sport needs to be spot on because anyone who reads these will want to share them on social media in order to congratulate their friends. Good technical writing improves the quality of the article.

Each person has to coordinate with each other in order to avoid miscommunication. The editor cannot always rely on their eye and news operation pillar is mostly concerned about the accuracy of names and scores. Therefore both these members must work hand in hand in order to deliver the most accurate information to be published on social and the Web page.

Apart from that, one key aspect of these articles and news is that all of them should be unbiased and fair among all universities. Every university gets an equal chance to be in the lime light and no matter who they are, they will be congratulated for their effort and this is why MoraSpirit is the best in the whole circuit and the media coverage for the upcoming SLUG 2019.

News operations and event coverage are only just two aspects of the wide services provided by MoraSpirit, the unbiased media unit to cover university sports. Keeping the accuracy of all information received and being responsible for what we report is what makes us improve the standard each year.