8th win in a row for Mora oarsmen, Colombo ladies win in final boat race

8th win in a row for Mora oarsmen, Colombo ladies win in final boat race

Under the cloudy evening sky, after a lot of marvel races, University of Moratuwa wins the overall Mens championship with a commanding 36 points to 6 and University of Colombo wins the overall women championship with 26 points to 16 at the 36th Inter University Regatta. 

This year was special as it was SLUG XIII and the regatta was held at the Colombo rowing club at Beira Lake.

It started with Men’s B scull event and UOM went up in the points tally 2-0. Rower Sajitthan Subendrarajah (UOM) wins with 04 min and 07 seconds. It was a very enthusiastic start to UOM. Next up was women B pair race as Isuri perera(UOC) with Lahiru perera (UOC) win the event and the points tally was updated to 0-6. 

Then Men’s Scull A was won with 3 min and 59 seconds by the Rower Hashen Hettigoda(UOC). Women’s A pair was also won by UOC.

Next Men’s A&B pair were won by UOM by Uditha, Chathuranga ,sajittan and Anupa.They scored 14 points for UOM point tally. The women’s A pair was won by UoC, Women’s A&B scull races were won by UOM with the Women’s point tally updated to 8-14.

The next events were Women’s and Men’s B four events which affect to the points tally. UOM faced it with Ashini,Ranathunga, Mary and Welagedra(B4+) and in the other lane, UOC faced it with Lihini, Vibhanga,Mayurindi and Ranmalee(B4+). It was won with 8 points by UOM where they overtook in the tally 16-14. The Men’s B four team of UOM also won the event with men’s point tally updated (24-6).

Then all came down to final women’s A four races where the winner of this race will boost the women’s point tally and the overall championship. The Colombo crew consisted of Isuri Perera ,Upuli Edrisinghe, Nadani Saroja and Lahiru Perera and they beat the UOM crew which consisted of Thisara Buddika, Kulunu Podinilame, W.A.S.N.Jayawardena and Ashini Dilina. They overtook Mora in the points table and finished with a 26-16 win to claim the title. 

Under dark conditions, finally dawned the boat race. The UOM Men’s A four crew consisted of Jivanka Pathirage, Nadarasar Bahavan,Uditha Gamage and Chathusha vidwantha while the UOC Men’s A four crew consisted of Senal Seneviratne ,Dushyantha Hettiarachchi ,Vishwa Karunarathne and Buddhika Kasun. The Mora A4+ won the boat race for the 12th consecutive time with a timing of 3 minutes 34 seconds and also won overall Mens championship.

So, we congratulate to both UOM and UOC crews for their wins.

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