Dozen Memories Of MoraSpirit - 12th Year Anniversary Celebrations

Dozen Memories Of MoraSpirit - 12th Year Anniversary Celebrations

MoraSpirit was established on 25th of September 2009, as a university based organization, which is mostly dedicated to University sports. The co-founders Mr.Heminda Jayaweera and Mr.Dilanka Chintana Jayasundara were the pioneers of this initiative, which we celebrate 12 years at the present.

Since its inception, MoraSpirit has been instrumental in the unbiased media coverage of university sports and bringing many people with hidden talent to light. Throughout the 12 years of excellence, MoraSpirit has established a well-deserved reputation by portraying itself as the leading light of University sports in Sri Lanka. 

Behind the success of the amazing initiative lies the hard work and dedication of the members, in fact, the “pillar members”, which have volunteered themselves to work in various pillars, such as Creative Design, HR, News Operation, Marketing, Special Projects, Cooperative Development, Editorial and Web & Technology. Disregarding the differences, they have come together as ‘one’ and worked at their fullest with no expectation or gain, thus showing their true “Spirit” towards “MoraSpirit”! 

Since its inception, MoraSpirit has given numerous services in terms of University Sports coverage. Moreover, it has shown the whole world, the talent of younger generation in the area of sports, thereby bringing them to light. MoraSpirit has produced coverage regarding the numerous sports activities, sportsmen and sportswomen, in forms of Audio, Photography and Videography. Its services are not limited only to University of Moratuwa, but extended to all the state and non-state universities in Sri Lanka. Also, this MoraSpirit had been the official media partner for many events such as Sri Lanka University Games (SLUG) – 2013. 

Moreover, MoraSpirit has covered many international sports events, such as 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, in which it showed the talent, hard work and achievements of players who competed on behalf of their motherland, Sri Lanka. 

MoraSpirit has also organized events of its own. The main event organized is Mora Spitzer, a celebratory night, which commemorates the end of the university sports season and offers sportsmen and sportswomen for them to have a fun. The event is also marked as a reward for the sportsmen and sportswomen for their hard work, dedication and achievements. 

Even though the whole world was locked down due to the ongoing COVID -19 pandemic, MoraSpirit initiative did not halt. Instead, it adopted itself and held various new competitions and events such as ‘Pentathlon’, an article writing competition, and “E-War”, which was an online gaming competition, which used mobile and PC as platforms, for both Valorant and PUBG enthusiasts.

This year was a special one as MoraSpirit went the extra mile in being a news provider at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. There were no Inter University Games held this year but this gave us a brand new experience and it was praised by many, including the sporting personalities and organisations.

In brief, MoraSpirit has not limited its services to the media coverage of university sports, but also extended to wide varieties of events and competitions, acting as a platform which connects a number of people with various personal and professional backgrounds. By holding competitions, the MoraSpirit initiative was fruitful in bringing out the talents of younger generation, both related and non-related to sports. 

Today, when MoraSpirit is celebrating 12 years of excellence, let’s remember how everything has started and the journey (full of roses and thorns) along the way to make MoraSpirit the greatest initiative of Sri Lankan University Sports coverage while also looking forward towards the future ahead. 


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