Eleven years of Excellence: The MoraSpirit Initiative

Eleven years of Excellence: The MoraSpirit Initiative
Today, on the 25th of September 2020, Moraspirit celebrates 11 years of continued excellence and achievement in the university sports arena.

Moraspirit Initiative was established on the 25th of September 2009 as the first organization of its kind; a pioneer in the university sports arena as the very first university media organization dedicated towards the coverage of university sports. Throughout 11 years of existence, MoraSpirit Initiative has grown and prospered building a well deserved reputation and brand name for empowering university sports in an unbiased manner.

The success of the organization has depended on the commitment and dedication of the diverse team of individuals; both past and present who have been part of the MoraSpirit team offering a wide range of services in the area of university sports coverage, such as articles covering events from universities islandwide as well as feature articles focusing on outstanding individuals or achievements in the university sports arena and a talented photography and videography team who cover university sports events. This ensures that MoraSpirit offers in-depth coverage of university sports, not just restricted to the University of Moratuwa but all universities nationwide. There are countless examples to illustrate this point, with MoraSpirit acting as the official media partner at the 2013 Sri Lanka University Games as well as providing live video coverage of the inaugural International Day of University Sports (IDUS) celebration, held recently at the University of Kelaniya.

The initiative has not just been restricted to coverage of university sports and has gone further by organizing several events of its own, chief among them being Mora Spitzer, a celebratory night commemorating the end of the university sport season and offering a chance for sportsmen and sportswomen to have a great time while also being rewarded for their hard work and achievements with a night full of fun, games and celebrity. The organization has also proved adept at evolving with the times, especially during the Covid-19 enforced lockdown during which a number of events and competitions were held, with enthusiastic participation, such as 'Pen-tathlon' the article writing competition and the highly popular E-War which was a PUBG Mobile game competition.

MoraSpirit Initiative also looks above and beyond the scope of being a simple media organization, with the target of acting more as a social media network building and fostering a community that will work towards the goal of empowering university sports by collaborating with other universities to help set up their own media organizations, to extending membership to students of other universities from 2020 onwards.

On a day such as today, when MoraSpirit is celebrating 11 years of continued success it is more important than ever to remember how everything started and the journey along the way to make MoraSpirit the leading light of Sri Lankan University Sports coverage while also looking forward towards the future ahead.

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