Japura and Kelaniya finish victors

Japura and Kelaniya finish victors

With the movement of the time, SLUG XIII is reaching to its grand end creating immortal memories to the sportsman who are eager to adorn their alma mater with gold. In 2019, the triennial event, SLUG was powered by the University of Ruhuna. Among the sports events that are scheduled in the SLUG calendar, Elle encounter appeared as a most exhilarating event where the sixteen players were clashed against for a one dream. Throughout the three days matches were held at the Uyanwatte stadium and the ground premises of the Dickwella Vijitha Vidyalaya letting the sportsman to show off their colors at their full extent. Ultimately, University of Sri Jayewardenepura and University of Kelaniya emerged victorious in the men and women category respectively.

Amidst the thousand fresh hopes, preliminary round matches were worked off under four categories of A, B, C, D. In the preliminary rounds of the men category, University of Peradeniya (PER) and  University of Sri Jayewardenepura (SJP), University of Rajarata (RAJ) and University of Ruhuna (RAJ), University of Kelaniya (KEL) and South Eastern University (SEA), University of Colombo (COL) and University Sabaragamuwa grab their tickets to the quarter finals. On the other side, in the  women category University of Wayamba (WAY) and University of Kelaniya (KEL), University of Peradeniya (PER) and University of Sri Jayewardenepura(SJP), University of Ruhuna (RAJ) and University of Colombo (COL) , University of Jaffna (JAF) and University of Rajarata (RAJ) made their entrance to the quarter finals. Successful completion of the quarter finals led to the semifinals increasing heartbeat of the spectators who are eager to sort out the ultimate champions. In the men quarterfinals matches SJP, COL, PER and SAB were able to paved their path to the semifinals .After the fierce battle among the SAB and hosting RUH(6-6) SAB was eligible to appear in the semifinals. The host RUH have to lose their hope amidst the giant SAB team, however they their decent efforts appear in the semifinal battlefield should be appreciated. Leading to the finals, semifinals are kicked off amidst the thousands of cheering and screenings. While SJP beating COL (4-3), and the players of SAB conquered over the PER (6-3) in semifinals and got selected to the final battlefield.

On the other side, ground premises of the Dickwella Vijitha Vidyalaya warmed by roaring cheers of the fans. After the series of preliminary round matches RUH, JAF, KEL and RAJ was eligible to appear in the semifinal round. In the semifinals, while defeating JAF by RUH team (5-4) and players of KEL conquered over RAJ team (4-4) and book a spot in the final. The battle between the RAJ Vs KEL was grabbed the attention of all the spectators, where the KEL team was performed well without considering the obstructions made by the rain.

After the two-action packed days, the most awaited moment dawned. Yet atmosphere also adjusted themselves to claim the glory of the victory. Surroundings were overwhelmed with thousands of the echoes made by the fans. University flags were dancing in the breeze as they already possessed the crown. After the strong battle among the SJP and SAB (4-3), SJP able to clinch the SLUG XIII Elle title while soaring themselves to the highest level of the point table. On the other hand, in women category KEL team who have exhibited the promising talents throughout the tournament was able to grabbed the crown from the RUH team (9-1) and placed them in the runners up position. We are at the MoraSpirit add heartfelt congratulations for the winning teams on their success.  

Yet another day of the SLUG calendar faded away crowning the champions with gold and encouraging the rest to stands up with their amazing potentials. Stay tuned with MoraSpirit for the latest updates on upcoming events that fuel up the SLUG battlefield. 

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