Japura and Rajarata show their sovereignity over the hockey arena in the preliminaries

Japura and Rajarata show their sovereignity over the hockey arena in the preliminaries

The ground is heated with sports fever. All are working with pain and ponder to grab the championship and taste the victory. The event has begun with many hopes and expectations. Hockey in which a strike ends up with hitting the ball into opponent’s goal, begun yesterday at Matara Uyanwatta Stadium.

In Inter University Games 2018, University of Moratuwa was able to capture the women’s championship while university of Rajarata owned the men’s championship enabling them to enter this year’s SLUG with a good mentality. But the season is new, and things have changed so no one could give predictions about this year’s winners. All the teams were filled with passion and energy and were looking to win the big one. So, with a lot of expectations and doubts in the air, Preliminary round matches were held under four categories.

In the women’s division, preliminary round consisted with twelve matches under the four main groups

Womens Division Results

Japura vs Ruhuna :- Japura won(By penalties) (1-0)

Jaffna vs Eastern :- Jaffna won(4-0)

Pera vs Uva :- Pera won( 2-1)

Rajarata vs Wayamba :- Rajarata won(3-0)

Colombo vs Ruhuna :-Colombo won(1-0)

Sabra vs Eastern :-Sabra won( 8-0)

Kelaniya vs Uva :-Kelaniya won(2-0)

Mora vs Wayamba :-Mora won(1-0)

Japura vs Colombo :-Japura won(2-0)

Sabra vs Jaffna :-Sabra won(2-0)

Kelaniya vs Pera :-Kelaniya won(1-0)

Rajarata vs Mora :-Rajarata won(1-0)

The 12 matches of the preliminary round of the men’s division ended up with following results

Mens Division Results

Ruhuna vs Kelaniya :-Ruhuna won(2-0)

Sabra vs Wayamba :-Sabra won(2-0)

Pera vs Uva :-Pera won(2-1)

Colombo vs Eastern :-Colombo won(5-0)

Jaffna vs Ruhuna :-Jaffna won(2-0)

Mora vs Wayamba :-Mora won(5-0)

Japura vs Uva :-Japura won(6-0)

Jaffna vs Kelaniya :-Jaffna won(2-0)

Rajarata vs Eastern :-Rajarata won(8-0)

Mora vs Sabra :-Mora won(2-0)

Japura vs Pera :-Japura won(2-1)

Rajarata vs Colombo :-Rajarata won(2-0)

After the wind of the preliminary matches, quarter final matches were started. Pera,Colombo Ruhuna and Rajarata were selected for the semifinals of Men’s division after the end of quarter finals. Most of the match victories were decided by penalties. After the end of preliminary matches Pera battled against Jaffna and Pera was able to secure a place in semifinals by winning the match. Mora vs Colombo match was drawn by 01-01 scores. Then Colombo won by penalties. Ruhuna and Japura match was drawn and Japura won by 05-03 penalties. Rajarata defeated Sabra by penalties of 04-03.

At the quarterfinal women’s matches Japura,Sabra Colombo and Jaffna selected for the semifinals. Colombo and Jaffna won by the penalties beating Kelaniya and Rajarata respectively.

At the end of the quarter finals Rajarata women’s team and Japura men’s team were able to set a strong message by being the only unbeaten teams so far. The wining moments have aroused with sealing spectacular winnings. We are waiting for the championships tomorrow.