JíPura emerges as the champions of SLUG XIII Wrestling battle

JíPura emerges as the champions of SLUG XIII Wrestling battle

SLUG XIIIís Wrestling battle came to an end making University of Sri Jayewardenepura the crown holders this time. The matches were held at Hall 01, University of Ruhuna on 30th and 31st of August 2019 with participants from 11 universities under 10 weight classes 57, 61, 65, 70, 74, 79, 86, 92, 97 and 125kg.

First 5 weight class matches were counted under lightweight category and they were held on the first day while other five weight classes which were counted under the heavyweight category, were held on the second day. From each event, champion, first runner-up and two second runners-up were chosen.

G. G. Kavindu, from University of Kelaniya, won the gold medal in 57kg weight class while D. P. J. Y. Madhushanka from PER, J. A. P. M. Jayanayake from MOR and I. G. U. S. Jayarathne from WAY won the rest of the places respectively.

In 61kg weight class, Y. M. K. W. H. R. B. Kapukotuwa of SJP became the gold medalist while H. R. N. Madushanka of KEL, M. L. D. Fernando of PER and S. R. M. M. P. Bimsara of JAF grabbed the remaining places.

B. M. D. C. Gunarathne, from University of Sabaragamuwa, won the gold medal in 65kg weight class while M. G. T. N. A. Bandara from COL, A. U. U. Sandakalum from EST and K. Jothees from PER became first runner-up and second runners-up respectively.

Under 70kg weight class, University of Sabaragamuwa player, D. M. H. N. B. Dissanayake was crowned as the gold medalist. K. H. A. Nishantha of KEL won the silver medal while P. Jeyatharsan from EST and H. P. K. D. Thilakarathne from SJP shared the 3rd place in the same category.

As the final weight class of the lightweight category, 74kg weight class matches were conducted and 11 players came to the battleground. From them, K. R. M. I. L. Rathnayake of SJP was lucky enough to clinch the gold medal while S. Ajithraj of EST, K. S. N. Rathnasooriya of PER and S. K. Athulgama of SAB became runner -up and second runners-up respectively in the category.

Under the heavyweight category events, 1st weight class was 79kg and R. P. D. N. Ishara, who was a player from SJP won the gold medal.K. Dilaxan from EST became the silver medalist. A. C. M. Amarasinghe and K. G. P. Tharaka representing MOR and KEL respectively shared the third place.

Under 86kg weight class, University of Moratuwa player, Ravindu Vasuka was crowned as the gold medalist. A. M. V. A. P. Herath won the silver medal while K. Dishanth from EST and P. K. Sandaru from WAY shared the 3rd place.

S. A. N. S. Jayashanka, from University of Wayamba, won the gold medal in 92kg weight class while P. A. K. G. Pitumpe from SAB, A. G. C. Gunawardena from COL and R. M. C. S. Bandara from PER won the rest of the places respectively.

In 97kg weight category, first place was taken by the WAY player B. M. N. Dissanayaka and 2nd place was taken by W. M. D. B. Wickramasinghe. I. B. Jepanesan of EST and R. A. S. K. Rupasinghe of KEL became 3rd in the category.

The last event held under the heavyweight category was 125kg event and the gold medal was taken by J. D. S. W. V. S. S. Soysa of University of Wayamba. N. V. M. Sampath of PER became the silver medalist. J. H. P. R. V. Jayasekara of MOR and K. M. S. Wijesinghe of KEL became the second runners-up.

After a pack of exciting matches under 10 weight classes, the overall championship was presented to the team with the highest marks from the series. 5 points were allocated to a gold medal and 2nd place was awarded 3 points while 2nd runner-up of a weight category and other wrestlers in the category got 0.5 marks.

According to the above scoring system, University of Sri Jayewardenepura grabbed the championship with 12 marks and Wayamba University of Sri Lanka got the second place with 10 marks. Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka took the 3rd place with 9 marks. University of Kelaniya, University of Peradeniya and Eastern University became the owners of the next 3 places respectively. University of Moratuwa had to satisfy with 5 marks and University of Colombo got only 4 Points. University of Jaffna, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka and South Eastern University were at the bottom of the wrestling points table.

Most of the events in SLUG XIII are finished by now and the coming week will be much more heated as the glorious sports festival is slowly approaching to its end. We, MoraSpirit, invite you all to join with us to witness the beauty and glory of the final days of SLUG XIII.

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