Jpura outstands with a remarkable Victory in SLUG 2019

Jpura outstands with a remarkable Victory in SLUG 2019

University of Sri Jayawardhenapura captivated the overall badminton championship at Sri Lanka University Games 2019 which was held on the 28th, 29th and 30th of August at the gymnasium of University of Ruhuna.University of Sri Jayawaredhenapura conquered the overall Men Championship and overall Women Championship during the events. Thus, ‘Japura’ unveiled their dominance throughout the events from preliminary stage to the grand finals, highlighting the team endurance. 

14 universities were fought for the crown of Badminton Championship at the Sri Lanka University Games 2019. Collectively 54 matches were held for entire three days as 26 matches from men category and 26 matches from women category respectively. 28th which was the first day and most of the preliminary rounds were covered. Initially among many preliminary rounds University of Peradeniya (PER) vs University of Visual performing Arts were able to score 3 to 0 points by PER. University of Colombo (COL) vs University of Jaffna (JAF) round was able to win by COL using 3 scores against JAF.  University of Rajarata (RAJ) Vs University Sabaragamuwa was able to win by RAJ using 2 scores. University of Sri Jayawardhenapura Vs Uva Wellassa University round won using 3 scores by ‘J’pura’.  The first day of the SLUG 2019 badminton tournament was reached to its edge in this manner. The players were exhausted, and racquets were remained to reinvigorate for the next day. 

           The second day of the tournament was commenced with completing the rest of the preliminary rounds. After completion of 18 preliminary rounds from each men and women category quarter final rounds were started. University of Kelaniya (KEL), University of Peradeniya, University of Sri Jayawardenapura (SJP) and South Eastern University (SEA) were selected as quarter finals under men category. First quarter final event was held between KEL and PER. Initially the first three single rounds were held, and all three rounds were captivated by ‘Pera’. Next quarter final rounds were between ‘J’pura’ and SEA. Among those Japura who exhibited their promising talents throughout the battlefield was able to easily grab the quarter final crown using two single events and another double event. Meanwhile in women category University of Wayaba (WAY), JAF, PER and SJP were qualified for quarter final rounds. Among the quarter final rounds PER Vs SJP and WAY Vs JAF were the competitors.  Amidst thousands of cheering and screenings of J’pura fans SJP team established the victory easily by showcasing their dominance using only first three single rounds which was played by Thilini Hendahewa, Lakini shashibani and Thisuri Fernando of SJP. Remaining quarter final was achieved by team WAY, Y. B. Herath, J. K. N. N. Perera, H.V. Y. Wathsala and A.H.M.M.M. Abeyrathne. It was the termination of the second day of a paramount journey towards a single crown. 

The final day of claiming victory was dawned ultimately while increasing the pulse of the players and spectators. Flags were dancing at the balcony amidst the roaring cheers of the fans who were there to scream on behalf of Alma mater. Going through a busy tight schedule, shutters for the semifinals were announced for the final day. The first semifinal between PER vs MOR was won by ‘Mora’ while the remaining was won by SJP with 12-21 points after a fierce battle with University of Rajarata team in men category. MOR team win by 13-21 points. Meanwhile in women category SJP claimed the victory by 19-21 against University of Kelaniya. The remaining semifinal was captivated by the team H.M.J.C. Dhanasinghe, T.P. Vitharana, D.T.S.T. Senevirathne and S.U.M. Fernando of COL against WAY team excluding one double match. Next the consolation finals were held between PER vs RAJ under men category and KEL vs WAY under women category. There RAJ and KEL was succeeded. 

After a huge effort of an immense crowd the pinnacle of the journey towards victory arrived at the evening of final day. Names of semifinal winners in men category were echoed throughout the gymnasium of University of Ruhuna. Final battle between ‘Mora’ and ‘Japura’ was became extremely tough game.Among the single rounds which were arranged between Malith Thennakoon, Mahen Samaranayake, Pavith Sullochana of team SJP and M.A.T. Thushara, J.M.T.N.Thevin, A.S.H. De Silva of team MOR , Mora teamwas able to grab the victory in two single rounds while Jpura secured the victory in one single round.The ultimate victory was claimed through the last match of the last double.After ther fierce battle ,Jpura was able to secure the chamipionship by 21-19 points.This is the most thrilling moment in the tournament,where the best were seleted among the best. Women championship also easily conquered by the University of Sri Jayawardenapura from the COL team. University of Sri Jayawardhenapura team was overwhelmed by the overall Badminton Championship at Sri Lanka University Games 2019.The winning SJP captain Kavidi Sirimanna shared her feelings on contentment of this triumph. “This is our consecutive fourth time of being championships. And my second time at SLUG experience. It is happy to say that we achieved the badminton championship consecutively for two times at SLUG with this team. I am happy with my team and thank for the madams who was directing us”   

This date will definitely be added as a remarkable day in the history of University of Sri Jayawardhenapura. We at the MoraSpirit, add heartfelt congratulations for their greatest achievement. Stay tuned with MoraSpirit for more latest news and updates on upcoming exciting events that are going occur in the SLUG battle field.

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