Kelaniya and Wayamba slicers dominate their supremacy in SLUG 2019.

Kelaniya and Wayamba slicers dominate their supremacy in SLUG 2019.

One of the most awaited indoor events in the university sports arena, Carrom came to an end at the university premises of Ruhuna on 3 rd and 4 th of September crowning University of Kelaniya as mens champions and University of Wayamba as womens champions.

SLUG XIII Carrom worked off with 18 preliminary matches under four main categories. Those who got selected from the preliminaries were qualified to appear in quarter finals and them into finals through semifinals. University of Ruhuna (RUH), University of Rajarata (RAJ), University of Colombo (COL) and University of Peradeniya (PER) emerged victorious in preliminary matches for the consecutive two times in the men’s event. University of Wayamba (WAY) defeated University of Jaffna (JAF) while University of Sri Jayewardenepura (SJP) defeated University of Sabaragamuwa (SAB), University of Kelaniya (KEL) emerged over University of Jaffna (JAF) with a crucial victory of 04-01. University of Moratuwa (MOR), the last year crowning champions scored 04-01 against SJP. KEL and MORA recorded an outstanding victory over WAY and SAB respectively at end of the preliminary round matches. At the end of the day, MORA, UVA, SJP, COL, KEL, RAJ, RUH and WAY teams appeared as eligible teams for the quarter final round.

In the women’s preliminary round matches WAY scored against RAJ while JAF defeated VPA and EST. PER throughout tournament emerged as a unbeatable team, and it is proved by encounters with SAB, RAJ and WAY.SJP weakened EST, VPA and JAF with their supreme powers. Along with that, MORA recorded a crucial victory of 03-01 against KEL and UVA. COL appeared over EST and RUH while SAB defeated RAJ. KEL withstand against UVA. At the end of the day WAY, RUH, MORA, JAF, COL, PER, SJP and KEL nominated for the quarter finals list. Leading to the semifinals, quarter finals worked off. RUH appeared victorious amidst the WAY team. On the other side, SJP claimed victory against the COL and KEL against RAJ. The unbeaten Mora team was able to outstands from others showing their power by beating UVA in the quarters. Then KEL, SJP, RUH and MOR were nominated for the ultimate semifinal battle. During the women’s quarters WAY, MOR, PER and SJP were able to show off their colors at their full extent and got selected for the semifinals. During the women’s semifinals WAY defeated MORA in a crucial way by 03-01. Then the PER team was able posses the victory against SJP and came to finals. In the men’s category RUH defeated the MORA team, the consecutive champions in the university carrom arena in an unexpected way. KEL won the semifinals defeating SJP.At the end KEL was crowned as the champions in men’s category while RUH became the first runners up and MORA as second runners up. In women’s category WAY became champions SJP stand as the second runners up.We at MoraSpirit add heartiest wishes for the champions.

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Article by: Dulani Tharushika Ramanayake