Kelaniya stun defending champions, Colombo conquers over Pera

Kelaniya stun defending champions, Colombo conquers over Pera

In a twist of events, University of Colombo defeated University of Peradeniya very convincingly to gain their place in the finals while University of Kelaniya pull off the biggest upset of the decade by defeating the defending champions University of Moratuwa in a very tight contest, whereas the latter has always emerged finalist since 2011.

Colombo vs Peradeniya (SF 1)

Considering the recent performance of the boys from Colombo, it was very evident that they were hungry for the title from the very beginning of the first semi final against regular finalists Peradeniya. Colombo was firing with all cylinders having scored 4 tries in the very first half leaving the defence of Peradeniya with no answer. The rolling maul and slick execution in the backline of Colombo was too much to handle and Peradeniya only managed to score a converted try before the half time break.

Half time - Colombo 22 (4T 1C) : Peradeniya 07 (1T 1C)

Colombo started from where they left off by scoring a try, followed with brilliant conversion, stealing the game away from Peradeniya. However the Pera lads were not willing to give up yet as they pulled off a spectacular try close to the posts and converted with ease. In the end, University of Colombo scored their sixth try of the day following an easy conversion as they earned a well deserved victory and spot in next weeks finals.

Full time - Colombo 36 (6T 3C) : Peradeniya 14 (2T 2C)

Moratuwa vs Kelaniya (SF 2)

Who would have thought the defending champions Mora who have won 5 championships and have continously played in the finals since 2011 be dethroned by underdogs University of Kelaniya? Past form didnt matter as University of Kelaniya pulled off a stunner that went down the line. They started scoring with a penalty kicked for 3 points. Mora gained their momentum back and scored an unconverted try. Kelaniya regained the lead by kicking another penalty for 3 points on the verge of half time.

Half time - Kelaniya 06 (2P) : Moratuwa 05 (1T)

Kelaniya resumed scoring after the halftime break with a converted try taking them all the way to 13 points. Mora doing what they do best scored two back to back tries in a pressure situation but their kicking was not accurate to convert either of them. If Kelaniya did one thing correctly, it was kicking for points whenever they received a penalty in a kickable range. They kicked a third penalty to get a one point lead and the game was getting tense with the clock running down. 

Just as David defeated the mighty Goliath, University of Kelaniya scored the final try of the match with a successful conversion. 

Full time - Kelaniya 23 (2T 2C 3P) : Moratuwa 15 (3T)

The defending champions were dethroned and will have to face a consolation finals against regular finalist Pera, while the victorious Kelaniya outfit will meet the challengers University of Colombo in the title decider next week. Stay tuned with MoraSpirit for the latest news in SLUG XIII 2019 for photos and news updates.