Moratuwa and Kelaniya Shine at Inaugural MORA SCRABBLER.

Moratuwa and Kelaniya Shine at Inaugural MORA SCRABBLER.

MORA Scrabbler 2019, the inaugural invitational Inter-University Scrabble tournament was successfully concluded on 15th of December. The tournament was the culmination of the effort of former and current scrabblers at the University of Moratuwa over the past 5 years.

The tournament was held at the Old Gymnasium of the University of Moratuwa on Sunday, 15th of December from 8:00 a.m. onwards with the participation of Scrabble players from 5 state universities (the joint most participation in terms of number of participating universities in University Scrabble) University of Moratuwa, University of Colombo, University of Kelaniya, University of Ruhuna and University of Peradeniya.

The opening ceremony was conducted according to tradition and games were started after the draw. A total of six rounds for both men’s and women’s categories and matches were conducted on an individual basis using a Swiss pairing system.

After a successful battle of words, the top 5 players of each category and best 3 overall performed university teams were selected. The team results were given based on the performance of each universitys best five performers as is the standard in World Scrabble tournaments.

Overall Championships


1st place - University of Moratuwa

2nd place - University of Kelaniya

3rd place - University of Colombo


1st place - University of Kelaniya

2nd place - University of Colombo

3rd place - University of Moratuwa

Individual Champions


1st place – Janidu Karunaratne (UOK)

2nd place – Ashan Wanasinghe (UOM)

3rd place – Rifat Mahamood (UOM)

4th place – Prabhathiya Herath (UOM)

5th place – Chamath de Silva (UOK)


1st place – Chulakshi Amaya Welikala (UOC )

2nd place – Thilakshi Sarathchandra (UOK)

3rd place – Piumi Perera (UOM)

4th place – Dilmi Wickrama (UOK)

5th place – Vimanshi Bodhinarayana (UOK)

Best players of the teams who got the championship were,

Mens (UOM)

Ashan Wanasinghe

Rifat Mahamood

Prabhathiya Herath

Adheesha Gamage

Helik Tribuwan

Womens (UOK)

Thilakshi Sarathchandra

Dilmi Wickrama

Vimansha Bodhinarayana

Kavindri Ratnayaka

Asenika Liyanage

The Highest game score and Highest word score was also awarded for each category. Janidu Karunaratne(UOK) and Aruni Adikari(UOR) won the Highest game scores while T.W. Helik Tribuwan(UOM) and Nethmi Wijesinghe(UOM) won the Highest word score in the Mens and Womens categories respectively.

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