Pera Ready to Conquer the Throne in SLUG 2019

Pera Ready to Conquer the Throne in SLUG 2019

The grounds are feeling the heat of SLUG 2019 as its beginning draws closer. The heartbeats of the players are rising in every passing moment. Just a handful days are left for the most colorful event in the university sports arena. The President of the Sports Council of University of Peradeniya, Lochana Pamod Dasanayake awakened his voice for MoraSprit on the university’s preparation towards SLUG.

Let’s begin by reminding your path from the beginning to this position as the Sports Council president.

I got my school education from Ananda College Colombo. I entered to Ananda College in 2001 and completed my 13 years long school life under the Buddhist background of my school. The momentum that I got from my school drove me to this position as the Sports Council President of the university. I am thankful to my parents: they guided me here even though my family didn’t have any sports background. My father was in duty as a soldier in Special Task Force during my school days. My mother was the one who was behind me and guided me towards the correct path. It’s fair to say that I’m here because of all the great pillars I’ve had in my life.

If we speak about the preparation of Pera for the 13­­th SLUG,

If we speak about last year’s Inter University Games, there was a huge drawback in our University. There were many reasons behind it as that concerned the university and its players. But this year we hope to challenge all the universities and compete toe to toe with them. The players are making their maximum efforts to achieve this goal and secure our place among the heavy weights in university sports once again.

How do you see the challenge posed by other universities in your quest?

When the first SLUG was held in 1980s, there were only six universities. But now it has been expanded to fourteen universities from all around the country. There is a high competition among all the universities. We don’t consider any university to be a lesser threat. Each and every university is a challenge to others. Every university is trying to beat each other to seize the victory and find glory. We too hope to challenge others at our best to win as many championships as possible.

Who are the driving forces behind your success?

There are a number of dedicated people behind our victories from the administrative hierarchy to the lowest level. I must remember the Vice Chancellor of the university, all the administrative staff, the head and the staff of the Physical Department of the university, sports societies, sports captains and the players. I must also remember the ground staff of the university. Each and every one of them give their best support to see our success.

Are there any national level players who will be representing your university in this year’s SLUG?

Yes, there are. Two members of the university participated for table tennis and swimming events in the recent World University Games which was held in Italy. I think they will perform their best in upcoming SLUG events.

MoraSpirit is playing a vital role in providing media coverage for SLUG 2019. What is your opinion on this?

MoraSpirit is a media crew associated with the University of Moratuwa. Despite that MoraSpirit plays a significant role even outside of the university. Even though most of the universities have a media unit, MoraSpirit is on the front line. We are glad about it and I make this an opportunity to pay my gratitude to MoraSpirit and give you my warm wishes for the future.

How do you balance both academics and sports?

We have to engage in sports while doing our academics. Balancing both is a difficult task but it can be done. Academic life is so competitive. Engaging in a sport or doing a workout in a gym gives a great relief to get away from that burden. It is a valuable method to relax our minds as students. Grooming a graduate for the society is the main role of the university. Degree is the main objective of a university student. But we can bring our university the glory even from the sporting achievements.

What is your message to the readers? 

SLUG is the sports festival of the university sports which comes every three years. It is the dream of the sports life of a university player. Although a sport event requires a level of competitiveness, there will be a good team spirit and brotherhood between each and every one. I hope everyone will support and cheer for his or her university.

MoraSpirit wishes the very best for the University of Peradeniya to achieve their dreams in SLUG 2019.                 

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