The athletic meet of the Sri Lanka University Games (SLUG) 2019 was held on the 27th and 28th of July at the Sugathadasa International Stadium successfully. All the universities played fiercely, and they gave a good challenge to each other. Each university came with a very well prepared team and they were very confident and energetic. Team spirit between the members of the teams was sky-high. Though all the universities played very well, university of Sabaragamuwa was able to win the championship by scoring 248 points. This is the fourth time that university of Sabaragamuwa have won the athletic championship of the SLUG consecutively. University of Sri Jayawardhanapura was the first-runners up by scoring 146 points and University of Colombo became the second runners up with 100 points. Fourth and fifth places were achieved by University of Ruhuna and University of Jaffna respectively.

There were 14 new meet records in this year SLUG. University of Sabaragamuwa owned 9 from them. Women’s team has won 4 out of these records. One of the outrageous records was from 200m women event made by Omaya Udyangani, the South Asian Games Silver Medalist. Her record was 25.21 secs. She also came 1st in women’s 100m event. Subhani Abayarathna, who represents university of Sabaragamuwa was able to set a record for the women’s 400m Hurdles event with 1:06.21 minutes. S. Withusha made a record in women’s 5000m event by finishing in 20:59:39 min. Also Sabare was able to win the 1st place from women’s 400*4m and 100*4m events. Furthermore J.G.K.G.Nethmini from university of Sabaragamuwa was able to win the first place of the women’s100m hurdles event.

Men’s team of university of Sabaragamuwa has won 5 records. One of the most talented players of Sri Lanka University Athletic Championship 2019 R.R.D. Ranathunga has made 3 records which are 15.45m in triple jump, 2.06m in high jump and 14.64s in 110m hurdles. In addition to that men’s 100*4m Relay and 400*4m events also won by university of Sabaragamuwa. Furthermore S.A.D.K.L.Samarasinghe from Sabare has won the 400m (Men) event.

The athletic captain of University of Sabaragamuwa, Channa Bawantha said he is thrilled that his university has won the championship for the fourth time and he is very proud of his team. Being able to achieve 9 out of 14 records to their university is a great victory, he said. He believes the team spirit between his fellow team members has led to this victory even though athletic group is the biggest sport team in their university. He said that protecting the position as the champions in next SLUG athletic meet is the target of his team.

R.M. Nifras from university of Colombo has made 2 records. One of them is men’s 800m event which he finished in 1:54.26 minutes. The other one is men’s 1500m event which he finished in 4:00:50 minutes. This year’s World University Games participant Gihan Ranaweera who is representing university of Colombo gave a performance of 22.6 seconds at the 200m men’s event and won the 1st place from it.

Ashen Jayawardana from university of Sri Jayawardhanapura has made a record in discus throw event. His record was 12.91m. B.M.H.P. Balasooriya from university of Sri Jayawardhanapura made a record in triple jump event and his record is 12.91m. B.Lavanan from university of Peradeniya was able to make a record of a 3.91m in men’s category of pole vault event. K.A.P.Jayawardhana from SJP made a discus throw record by 39.36m.

This year’s athletic meet of SLUG was dominated by University of Sabaragamuwa. By looking at their outstanding performance, we can definitely say that Sabare has a bright future within the athletic world. All the team members are very enthusiastic and confident towards their own game. With all the hard work, they could reach the international level in no time. The score difference between university of Sabaragamuwa and university of Sri Jayawardhanapura is a quite big gap which seems to be difficult to reach. However that can be overcome with enthusiasm and hard work. In this meet we could see many athletes with outrageous talents. We strongly believe that they can make a victorious journey in the sport world.

As Moraspirit, we wish all the winners for their achievements, especially university of Sabaragamuwa for their glorious victory. We are certain that all the athletes who have participated in athletic meet of SLUG, 2019 are very talented. We hope we could see more of their amazing talent in the near future.