Sabra Take Highest Honours at Inter-university Taekwondo

Sabra Take Highest Honours at Inter-university Taekwondo

An eventful couple of days full of thrilling action took place at the New Gymnasium of the University of Moratuwa on the 10th and 11th of December as students battled it out to bring glory to their respective universities at the Inter-university Taekwondo championship.

On the first day, events of the 'Poomsae' category which are a sequence of Taekwondo techniques linked together into a pattern of moves, was held in the men's singles junior category, men's singles senior category, women's singles junior category, women's singles senior category followed by the men's and women's team events as well. This event was closely contested among all universities and the podium places were distinguished by decimal places of points. The men's singles junior category was won by W.R.N Sovis of Wayamba University while the women's junior category was won by M.G.S.S.D Mahanama of University of Ruhuna. 

V.H Lokugalappaththi from University of Moratuwa showed the most perfect pattern of moves as he bagged the gold medal at the men's senior category of the Poomsae event while H.M.C.J Gunawardena from University of Ruhuna was placed first in the women's senior category. 

After a short break as the contestants grabbed a breather, the contest area was prepared to host the team events of the Poomsae category. 

As loud cheers echoed across the Gymnasium, three male and three female students from each university began to battle it out at the center to reap the harvest of the tireless efforts and hard work put into practice during the last couple of months.

After an extremely thrilling round of exciting showcase of skills University of Moratuwa emerged champions in the both the men's as well as women's team category events and thus bagging a double haul in the team events and bringing glory to the University of Moratuwa!

As the second day of takewondo action dawned it was the 'Sparring' events taking place at the New Gymnasium. With a long day of matches to be held referee's and officials were quick to start from the knockout stage matches from 8 weight categories each ranging from below 54 KG to over 87 KG and below 46 KG to over 73 KG in the men's and women's events respectively.

As the matches took place overtime in knockout style and the finalists were settled out, the contest area was prepared by the officials with a single mat to stage the finals of each weight category.

While roars of the hundreds of supporters from different universities echoed through the walls, the women's final matches kicked off with the first match being the below 46KG weight category which was won by S.D.I Kavindi from Sabaragamuwa University. K.V.J Dissanayake also from University of Sabaragamuwa managed to clinch the gold medal in the women's 46KG - 49KG while A.G.R.N Premasinghe from Sabaragamuwa University was placed first in the 49KG - 53KG weight category. The next match up was the women's 53KG- 57KG weight category match which was also won by Sabaragamuwa University represented by D.M.R Dhanapala. W.M.D Nadeeshani from Japura managed to break the winning streak of Sabra by winning first place in the 57KG- 62KG weight category while K.D.N.P Kumara also from University of Sri Jayawardenapura managed to win the gold medal in the women's 62KG - 67KG weight category. J.K.M.D.C Jayasekara and M.A.M Fernando both from University of Sabaragamuwa was placed first in the women's 67KG - 73KG and over 73KG weight categories respectively. The women's category sparring events were thus dominated by University of Sabaragamuwa with their hardwork and relentless efforts paying off.

As the women's final events concluded, the men's final events were kicked off by the below 54KG weight category where S.M.S.D Samasundera from Japura emerged victorious while K.G.S Dissanayake from University of Ruhuna grabbed first placed in the men's 54KG - 58KG weight category. University of Colombo represented by H.M.R.N Maduwantha clinched the gold medal 58 - 63KG weight category while R.M.S Chathuranga from University of Moratuw was placed first in the 63KG - 68KG weight category. H.A.A.U Geethma from University Colombo and C.N. Wijeyabandara from University of Sri Jayawardenapura was placed first in the men's 68KG - 74KG and 74KG - 80KG weight categories respectively. With the final two matches of the night taking place H.A.D.L Senadipathi from University of Moratuwa grabbed first place in the men's 80KG - 87KG weight categories while M.D.D Costa from University of Colombo was placed first in the final match of the night in the men's over 87KG weight category.

In the overall standings in the men's category University of Colombo was on top of the leaderboard closely followed by University of Moratuwa with a gap of just a single point followed by University of Sri Jayawardenapura in third place.

University of Sabaragamuwa had a landslide victory in the women's category events and was placed on top of the leaderboard while University of Sri Jayawardenapura and University of Ruhuna was placed second and third respectively.

Overall it was an exciting couple of days at Mora with the contestants showcasing flawless skills and providing exemplary entertainment to the audience. It is also indeed important to mention and thank all the referee's and officials who ensured a fair playing field for all teams as well as everyone involved in making the Inter-university Taekwondo championship a success!!!

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