SLUG XIII Weightlifting tournment marks its glorious ending

SLUG XIII Weightlifting tournment marks its glorious ending

Weightlifting, in which the recorded origin leads to ancient Greece and China, have a lengthy history. Weightlifting event of SLUG XIII came to an end on 4th September at the University of Ruhuna premises crowning University of Peradeniya as men’s champions. Eventhough both Mens and womens events were held, womens events did not contribute to the overall points table.

Under the 87 kg women’s weight category, K.G Rangika of Sabra won the gold medal while M. Biruntha of Jaffna and W.A.C.K. Darmasena of Japura owned the silver and bronze medals. R.A.M.A H Dassanayake of Sabra owned the gold medal while D.M.S.H Dissanayake of Jaffna won the silver medal under 81 kg women’s weight category. Under the 76 kg weight category, R Thitasenthni of University of Jaffna was crowned as the winner while in 71 Kg women’s weight category, J.J.D. Payas of Japura won the gold medal while G Rajana of Jaffna and M.A.D.D Jayasooriya of Ruhuna won the silver and bronze medals respectively. Sabare became the winners under the 87 kg women’s weight category. S. Priyanka of Jaffna won the gold medal under 45 kg women’s weight category. University of Sabaragamuwa recorded its victories in the 49 kg and 55 kg women’s weight category winning both gold and silver medals. Under the 59 kg women’s weight category V. Annauluxmy of Jaffna won the gold medal while B.H.M.C.J.Basnayake of Japura won the silver medal. J.M.C.L. Jayasundara of Japura won the gold medal under 64 kg weight category.

A sportsman must be appreciated for his physical talents as well as the sporty spirit within him. Sineth Ernaga Wimalasiri, the sports captain of University of Moratuwa and the captain of the weightlifting team showed an outstanding heroic spirit at the last weightlifting event in his University sports career. Although he was suffering from injury in his arm, it did not did not blew his will and passion away. Eventhough he could not achieve the gold medal due to his physical condition, his shear determination was enough for him to become the 2nd runner-up of 102 weight catagory. He showed this outstanding performance on behalf of Mora and his team by lifting 100 kgs weight. His immence dedication and determination marked his name as a winner not only in the score boards and the flyers, but even in the hearts of the audience who were present around the platform. He proved that the physical fitness too can be challenged by the spirit of the mind.

In Mens catagory, L.G.H. Udara of Ruhuna won the gold medal 109 KG weight class and Kalpa Wickaramasinghe of Moratuwa won the silver medal. A.M.T.D. A .Atapattu of Ruhuna won the gold medal while Colombo Japura and Sabare owned the other medals above 109 kg weight category. Under 96 kg weight category, H.M.Azeer of Pera won the gold medal while Udayanga of Colombo and M.K.D.V.Weerthunge of Moratuwa won the bronze medal. N.J.A.J.P.Jayasuriya of Japura won the  gold medal while Colombo Ruhuna and Moratuwa grabbed other medals under 102 kg weight category. Under 89 kg weight category L.G. Walianga of Pera won gold medal while P.P.B. Pathirana of Moratuwa won the silver medal. Under the men’s 55 kg weight category H.M.D.R.Sampath  of Kelaniya won the gold medal while Sabaragamuwa and Ruhuna won the silver and bronze medals respectively. A.H.E Darshana of Kelaniya,D.T.H.D Jayarathna of Pera and E.G.C.R.Premasinghe of Ruhuna became the gold silver and bronze medallists at the end of the 61 kg weight category. Pera spread their supremacy on the platform under 67 kg men’s weight category with the victorious gold medal of H,M,K.Herath and silver medal of Premathilake. R.D.G.S. D Siriwardene of Japura and A.T.A.Z.Soysa of Kelaniya won the gold and silver medal respectively under 73kg weight category. Under the 81 kg R.R.W.S. Rathnayake of Wayamba won the gold medal while D.A.P.K Silva of Peradeniya won the silver medal.

After two competitive days, weightlifting events ended by crowning UOP as supreme champions.We MoraSpirit would like to give warm wishes for the winning teams for their victories and the outstanding competitor Sineth Wimalasiri for his unbelievably strong will and passion. Stay tuned with Moraspirit for more updates.

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