Sticks are ready to grab the crown by hitting the ball into the goal

Sticks are ready to grab the crown by hitting the ball into the goal

The Olympics of the Sri Lankan state universities – Sri Lanka University Games has already begun for the 13th time, with the University of Ruhuna as its proud host for this time. Since this epic sports festival only comes once in 3 years, every university sports fan with sporty blood in veins is already fully engaged in experiencing the excitement and competitiveness in the SLUG battleground.

From all the sports categories which are being held in the SLUG sports arena, Hockey can be considered as an event which receives a major fan attraction. This year’s SLUG hockey championship tournament is scheduled to be held from 2nd to 4th of August so the excitement is already in the air. The clash that is about to happen on hockey ground looks already glorious and promising since all the participating hockey teams are ready for the challenge and looking forward to conquering the crown in their battleground.

Before SLUG season began, last year, all the university hockey teams had a golden chance to test their might in Inter-University Games 2018. There, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka had the privilege to capture the championship in men’s category while University of Moratuwa grabbed the championship in women’s category in 2018 season.

In last year, Rajarata, J’Pura, Jaffna and Mora teams got selected for the semi-finals in men’s category while Sabra, Kelaniya, Mora and Colombo teams got the chance to select for the semifinals in women’s category.

After a great battle, Rajarata and J’Pura teams won the right to clash in the final battlefield by defeating University of Moratuwa and University of Jaffna hockey teams respectively in men’s category.

In women’s category, University of Moratuwa and University of Kelaniya teams were lucky enough to qualify for the finals after the victories over Sabra and Colombo teams respectively in the semifinal stage. 

Both finals were magical for all hockey lovers as men’s category finals ended, crowning Rajarata University of Sri Lanka as champions of the men’s division while Mora girls got to wear the crown in women’s division after defeating University of Kelaniya in an unexpected way.

This time, in SLUG 2019, reigning champions will fight to defend their crown while others will fight with everything they have in order to grab the championship which they could not possess last time. So in this new season, the battle on the hockey ground will be tough and intensive. Battle will begin on the 2nd of August and continue on 3rd and 4th of August at Matara Uyanwaththa football house. On behalf of MoraSpirit, we invite all of you to witness this exciting and competitive battleground.