The Carom tournament concluded by writing the history newly

The Carom tournament concluded by writing the history newly

The carom championship tournament of SLUG XIII 2019 was successfully concluded after some of the most dramatic and magnificent performance of the participants of different universities. The tournament went through 3rd and 4th of September 2019 at the engineering faculty, University of Ruhuna. Both men and women from 14 universities initiated to battle for two trophies separately and it was begun by dividing them under 4 groups namely A,B,C,D.

Under the men’s pillar, A group was led by the dominance of carom play University of Moratuwa by showing their supreme power to University of Sabaragamuwa and University of Rajarata. Even though they persistently showed their high performance which made them to achieve the championship throughout the past 6 years, this time their pathway was blocked by University of Ruhuna. During the semifinals, University of Ruhuna who started the tournament under the group D, was able to conquer Team Mora after a head to head battle.

The B group was grouped including University of Kelaniya, University of Wayamba and University of Jaffna. University of Kelaniya was able to merge the place of Runners up of Inter university carom tournament 2018. Even here, they were able to unfolds their competitive performance and was able to come forward in their group. Afterwards, in the quarter finals, they had to compete against University of Rajarata and their also University of Kelaniya was able to continue their competitiveness and defeat the opponents. The same process went through the semifinals when they had to compete against University of Jayewardenepura. As a result, they were privileged to go through the doors of Finals. Then University of Kelaniya met their opponents as powerful University of Ruhuna. Even though both of the teams played very well, and tried to bring the championship trophy to their home at the end of the day the luck was with University of Kelaniya. They were able to win the game with a score of 4-1. To be added, even though University of Colombo and University of Uva started the game with lots of energy they were unable to carry out it throughout the competition, especially in Quarter finals.

When moving to the side of Women’s performance of the carom tournament, even though University of Colombo was able to reach a high level of accomplishment against University of Sabaragamuwa and Ruhuna under the team A, their failure against University of Peradeniya at the quarter finals brought the attention of the audience. 

The University of Moratuwa women’s carom team was another most attentive team from all other groups hence they were able to conserve their place as First Runners up during the 2017 and 2018 Inter University carom tournament. Because of that everyone was eyeing on them. However even though, they showed high capacity of skill level against University Uva and Kelaniya under the team B as well as against University of Jaffna at the quarter finals, in front of University of Wayamba they were unable to showcase their maximum performance.

After battling with the opponents, at the end of the day University of Wayamba and University of Peradeniya was eligible enough to protect themselves until the final battle of women’s carom championship. But, after a massive fight University of Wayamba able to emerge the championship trophy.

Likewise, Carom championship of SLUG XIII came to the end by writing the names of the new champions on the history books.

Article by:Ruwini Thathsara.

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