The Vibrant Elle tournament came to an end.

The Vibrant Elle tournament came to an end.

The Elle tournament of SLUG XIII went through three days at Uyanwatta and Dickwella stadium. This was definitely one of the most spirited and mesmerizing tournament throughout the series. 14 teams of different universities participated for this event and it was initiated by categorizing them under four teams such as A,B,C,D. One of the most significant events which happened at the very beginning was the men’s teams of University of Jayawardenapura as well University of Ruhuna was eligible enough to walk through Quarter Finals without any game hence, since the men’s team of University of Visual and Performing Arts was not participating for the tournament.

Although both men’s and women’s team which was under group A were able to played as usual, in the groups of C and B some significant incidents occurred during the matches in order to draw the attention of the audience. One of them was, seeing the low level performance of men’s team University of Wayamba who represented the group C. Hence, they were considered as one of the strongest teams during the last year. To be added, under the group matches one of the most thrilling and adrenaline driven matches was in between University of Moratuwa and University of Kelaniya. During this both team’s score rates was tied. Because of that, they were given additional time according to rules and regulations of Elle tournament. During this period University of Kelaniya was able to defeat team mora and walked through the quarter finals.

Further, under group B of Men’s University of Jaffna depicted a very energetic and tough competition in front University of Rajarata. This made the path to shatter the dream of championship of the team members’ in team Rajarata. The same process went through the match between University of Sabaragamuwa and University of Ruhuna during the quarter finals. Even though both team played head to head during the match, the fate of toss blocked the path of University of Ruhuna. Likewise, the luck of the team of Sabaragamuwa brought them to walk further. The round of semifinals of women was also another intensive time period. Throughout the tournament we were able to witness how powerful the women’s Elle team of University of Kelaniya. After a very tight fight in between University of Kelaniya and University of Rajarata, University of Kelaniya was lucky and skillful enough to walk through the doors of Finals by defeating the opponents. Even during the finals, they never failed to showcase their outgoing performance. As a result, all the attempts and tactics of University of Ruhuna was unsuccessful in frot of team Kelaniya. Therefore, at the end of the day, women’s Elle team of University of Kelaniya was able to crown the SLUG XIII Elle tournament women’s championship.

During the finals of men’s which was continued in the midst of rain add another color and experience to the audience. The match was in between University of Sabaragamuwa and University of Jayewardenepura. Hence, team Japura were the champions of 2018 interuniversity Elle tournament lots of hope was behind this team. The excellent performance of them even this time, never gave an opportunity fade that hope. Therefore, after an enthusiasm match, University of Jayewardenepura was able to write their name as champions of men’s Elle tournament of SLUG XIII.

Likewise, the Elle tournament of SLUG XIII which was held throughput three days was concluded. Mora Spirit pen down while congratulating to all the participants.

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