"A picture speaks a thousand words" says the old saying and sports photography is definitely one of a kind. We at MoraSpirit are armed with all the equipment thanks to our talented photographers who work tirelessly on their photography.

The knock out punch, a scintillating cover drive, a close race with a photo finish, an airborne player who is about to be tackled, we capture every moment possible which shows the intensity of sports. This is not a media unit that captures photographs for people to pose, we capture the real moments and of course the after match photographs as well. Everyone likes to have their Facebook profile picture updated!

How these photographs are captured is a question one may ask and there are two simple techniques to achieve that. Placement and timing. You have to be in the middle of the action in order to capture the best moment and you need some anticipation of what is going to happen next. Indeed it does take a lot of talent to capture these crucial moments from the sidelines because after all, these are not still subjects, they are sportsmen and women in their playing field!

Photographing sports is indeed quite a difficult task and so is editing. You don't want to be uploading pictures which are blurred or where the subject is not clear. This is when editing does the trick. A little touch of photo editing and removing those blurs and blemishes, we get the right photo in the real nature of the moment. No beauty queens, everyone has sweaty foreheads. No one is looking at the camera either so you never see any smiling faces as well! Jokes aside, our task is to capture crucial match winning moments as well and all the celebrations too. You wouldn't want to miss those happy moments of a victory and to the opponents, cheer up and say cheese.

Not only do we capture photographs of crucial moments but also those moments of achievement as well. MoraSpirit covers photographs of awards ceremonies and basically anything that has to do with sports. You name it. Every sportsman's dream is to achieve their goals after all their hard work and to be in the lime light but it is not complete if we do not capture the joy upon the receiving of awards. Be it any award ceremony or colours nite, it's always about capturing the moments that matter. We have here to make those memories last a lifetime.

This all would not be possible without the New Operations Pillar. Yes they do the photography, there is no separate pillar called photography. Not only to they provide news on the live actions but are stationed everywhere in the playing field capturing those moments that matter. Our photos are shared on Facebook for everyone to see, share, like and comment. We do like to see people congratulating these sportsmen. All in all at the end of the day you can be defending a goal or running after a ball, you kick, we click!