A season full of exciting sports encounters and all the hardwork of the dedicated media crew would not be complete without a good after party. SPITZER the interuni games after party was organised by MoraSpirit on the 6th of November at Sudda's Beach Restaurant Dehiwala. This event was once again sponsored by LSEG Technology.

SPITZER is about enjoying the moment. Sudda's Beach is usually quite but the whole place was lit up by the sounds and the enthusiastic crowd. All sports teams, crew members and invited universities were present at this party. The rugby season wasn't exactly over because the party kicked off with tap rugby. Both boys and girls took part and it was very interesting to see how a team gets to the other side. There were teams from invited universities as well.

Next up was another interesting game of spoon and ball. A team of 5 had to use only a spoon to move a plastic ball to the other end and the team with the most number of balls in their bucket were adjudged winners. A mini game of darts was played alongside all these games and anyone who hits the target gets a prize. At the end of the day, it didn't matter who won or lost, it was about having fun with your friends.

This event was not just about fun and games. It was to award our sports teams for their effort in the season. All the champion teams received awards and also the overall championship awards. The Sports Council presidents from the invited Universities collected their respective awards. The invited guests were Sri Lanka racing legend Dilantha Malagamuwa, Sri Lanka cricketer Sachithra Senanayake, Miss Sri Lanka Chulakshi Ranatunga, YouTuber Ashen 'Vlogs' and everyone's favourite guest Pooja Umashankar. Everyone was very enthusiastic for selfies and photographs with our guests.

The award ceremony was over and it was time for the DJ to crank up the volume. Everyone was on their feet dancing to the beat all night long. It was definitely a memorable night for because this party brings together our university sports teams and also the MoraSpirit crew who has been working all season long.

This event wouldn't be successful without everyone who helped in organising this event and especially the MoraSpirit Special Projects pillar and Spitzer organising committee. Cheers to all and hoping for yet another exciting season ahead alongside with another successful SPITZER after party.