Always wanted to catch the action live no matter where you are? MoraSpirit Live streaming is there for you!

Our videography cameramen will always capture the action as it is because no one would want to miss out on crucial moments. Be it any sport, our cameramen know what to capture and will not want to miss any of the action.

Our videos are sometimes used later to make promotional videos before the finals so that it makes followers know what kind of talents our fellow undergraduates possess. Likewise these videos are shared around by supports in order to give a good confidence boost to the team. As an unbiased sports media unit, we never say that Mora is the best but we wish all team good luck because everyone works hard to achieve their goals. However these videos can be used to cheer the as you wish and we will always maintain our level of fairness to all teams without any favourations.

No live streaming would be complete without a commentary. MoraSpirit has members who are very knowledgeable about most sports and can give live commentary in either English or Sinhala. Our live streaming can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube as live links. Positive comments are always encouraged and we love bringing you the action on your screen.

In the past we have streamed crucial encounters such as IUC cricket and rugby finals where the number of views was very high. As the first university sports media unit to do live streaming, we set a positive influence on other universities as well and they too have started live streaming for their own universities as well.

Still missed the live streaming? Want to relive those winning moments? You can always catch the action back again! MoraSpirit will always be there to support you and cover every moment