No individual can conquer the field of sports without the mental fortitude required to overcome the toughest moments. In sports, where even the biggest of differences are made in a split second, having a great mentality be the difference to becoming a champion. In all the mental aspects of a sportsperson, motivation he or she has to reach the ultimate target often helps to deliver the best performance they got in themselves even when the odds seem to be against them.

Taking the importance of an elite mentality a sportsperson should possess enhance performance into account, MoraSpirit initiated “Morale”, a motivational program for the athletes representing the University of Moratuwa in inter-university sports championships, in collaboration with the Physical Education Division of the University of Moratuwa.

Morale is annually conducted by a motivational speaker who helps the athlete to find their motivation to give their way to the championship an unfaltering foundation. The one day program provides an invaluable, enjoyable, and well-spent time together for the athletes to build their momentum for the championships just ahead of them. Walking out of the day's proceedings athletes often find new strength in their minds to help them reach their fullest potential.

In addition to the motivational program, Morale conducts a session on avoiding and managing injuries, which is a topic of high importance for a person engaged in sports. The session discusses the practices needed for injury prevention on a personal and collective level, the routine a person who has already gotten himself injured should do for quick and sustained recovery, and the strategies to use in case an important player in the team suffers an injury.

Since the first Morale program MoraSpirit ever organized, it has received highly positive feedback from the sportsmen and sportswomen in the University of Moratuwa. The knowledge and the expert advice they adapt to their sports routines often helps to deliver their best for the team, the university, and also for themselves. And not only in sports either. This knowledge helps them enhance their performance in everything they take part in.

We, MoraSpirit, see the potential to expand the scope and impact of the program, Morale, even further in the future. Because we, as an organization, see the lack of attention to the non-technical aspects related to sports in Sri Lanka sports culture, and therefore, university sports culture. As Morale has been improved since its beginning, it will keep adding new features in the future as well.