Whispering giant trees, thousands of different shades, tranquil atmosphere is far better than the concrete jungles emerging here and there ruining the green cover. With the passage of the new technologies human being get themselves detached from the beauty of the nature and embrace monotonous city life. Dive in nature! It is a pleasant experience. Nature is a divine gift where, we all are strong strings of that web.

Moraspirit along with the Thuru team has taken big steps to preserve the green cover. During the last year, they have initiated the special tree planting project placed at Bodhiraja Vidyalaya premises. With the corporation of the children and their parents, they worked hard to clean the garden and prepare it for tree planting. They planted the fruit trees, herbal plants in the school premises. Little hearts were delighted with the gift given by the Mora team. They had promised us take good care of the plants they are gifted with. Already two years have gone. Small plants have converted in to a state that yield the valuable outcomes like as the educated children who uplift the society with good values.

Nowadays social media can heavily impact the people’s attitudes. By taking it to a consideration, Thuru team invited the community to join them through the Thuru app enhancing their effort to spread the green cover all over the world. All special events organized by the Thuru team is published through this app. Throughout the whole programs Thuru team the importance of the green cover for the human existence highly stressed. It is proven, huge trees clean the air, filtered the water, shade and food. They improve the ground water resources while balancing the water cycle. They save the humans from the in case of natural disasters like floods. Apart from that they give us hope and insight to preserve in the harsh conditions while they soaring to amazing heights. In their total lifetime they are dedicated to provide benefits to the humans. In fact, they are like the best friends who share the best things among them.

Unexpected climatic changes, rising sea levels and increasing number of the natural disasters have reminded the humans to turn back and see the damage they have done to the nature. Mother nature has its own limits rather than exploiting her resources human must do something back to the nature. So, It is time to go green again. In year 2019, Moraspirit along with the Thuru team looking forward to investing the Mother nature. It is time to pay the gratitude to the Mother nature. Are you ready to look deep in to the nature? Get the immoral experience! Then you will understand everything will better with HER.

Let’s make a difference! Invest the nature for future generations. Keep in touch with Moraspirit a long way to go.